• Understanding and Engaging Interfaith Families in the Jewish Community
  • Using Pew and Other Research Data to Better Serve Our Communities

Intermarriage Education & Engagement Training

​Institutes for Clergy, Educators, Lay and Professional Leaders

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Sample Workshop Questions:*

  • Of Mice and Mensches: Jewish Men & Intermarriage in America

  • Good Fathers: Men, Intermarriage, &  Jewish Identity Politics

  • "Over My Dead Body!": Jewish Daughters, Mothers, & Intermarriage

  • Gender Matters: A New Framework for Understanding Jewish Intermarriage

  • Curb Your Enthusiasm: Interfaith Romance, Gender, & Popular Culture

  • Still Jewish: A Contemporary History of Women & Intermarriage in America

  • "Shiksas" are Not for Practice: Dismantling the Myths behind the "Other" Woman

  • Still Jewish and Newly Jewish: Two Histories of Women & Intermarriage in America

  • Winning at "Assimilation": How Feminism Changed the Meaning of Intermarriage

Lecture Topics:*

  • What does being a Jewish leader have to do with intermarriage?

  • What’s the difference between biological sex and Jewish gender?

  • How do we respond to congregants/students about Christmas and non-Jewish celebrations?

  • How can we embrace all families in our lessons, services, and programs?

  • How does the way we respond to interfaith families influence their Jewish engagement?

  • How can parents raise Jewish children if only one parent is Jewish?

  • ​How do we foster an inclusive approach to Jewish parenting and identity?